MRT Video Podcast #5 Gordy Robinson & NMRA X

MRT Video Podcast #5 Gordy Robinson & NMRA X. This week I talk in Video Podcast #5 with Gordy Robison one of the team members behind NMRA X which is a Virtual Model Railroad Convention, which runs over 24 hours with numerous modellers giving clinics and layout tours to name a few. The NMRA X is an awesome iniative that brings more modelers together in the current time. Gordy will be hosting NMRAx Roundtable with NMRA National Leadership.

When: Saturday, August 22, 2020 at 3 PM – 5 PM EDT (USA) Hosted on Facebook live and Youtube on the NMRA sites.

Facebook Live:


Participants will be: Pete Magoun MMR - NMRA President

Gerry Leone MMR - NMRA VP Special Projects

Jack Hamilton MMR - At Large Worldwide Director

Frank Koch - Chief Financial Officer/AP Dept Manager

John Bate - Canada Director Robert Amsler - NMRA Legal Counsel/Meetings & Events Manager.

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