Paying it forward

Updated: Jan 3, 2020

I am a firm believer of karma and “one good turn deserves another”.

During my modelling journey I have been blessed to have several mentors who have helped me immeasurably, by passing on their knowledge and expertise to give me the skills in this great hobby of ours.

Two gentlemen in particular are always only a phone call away to assist me with any question I may have, and they ask nothing in return. One gentlemen has tirelessly driven to my home to help on my railway. Another mentor lives in Germany and I have never personally met him. I "met him" on the TrainController Software Forum. TrainController is a German based (I believe to be ultimate model railroad software). In the past several years I have conversed, via email, with him several times a week (sometimes daily). He has helped me immeasurably and asked nothing in return.

Have you picked up on the common theme here? For the most part model railroaders give so much to others with asking very little in return. Why is this? My opinion is these modellers had mentors that passed their knowledge onto them and their morality dictated that they needed to pass these skills on. But, I also believe that these individuals also want to ensure that these skills are passed onto the next generation of model railroaders.

I have a real conundrum that I do not know of any younger modellers in my area. So how can I do my part and pass on what I have learnt from my mentors. Here comes my Youtube channel “Model Railroad Techniques”, facebook and Instagram pages and website My rational was that the youth of today are very tech savvy so this next step was logical to me. As I pen this Blog post I have in excess of 140 subscribers to my channels with over a 3000 views in the few short months my channel has been in operation. I have found my little niche and in so doing the ensure the hobby is sustained and enriched.

There has been a lot of doom and gloom from some sectors within our hobby saying “the hobby is dying”. You can never fully pay back your mentors or others that help us in the hobby but we can “pay it forward”. This needs to be customary within our great hobby and needs to be embraced by all. In so doing our hobby can be sustained and grow.

I have benefited from my mentors “paying it forward” from their mentors. Now it is my turn to“pay it forward”, maybe it is yours too?

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