Assisting the modeler to achieve their dream layout

Digital Command Control (DCC) can be confusing for the modeler.  There are many facets to DCC, such as selecting the correct DCC Command Station for your needs, turnout control, signal control and block detection.  Another level of complexity is whether you wish to control your layout via a personal computer (PC) with software such as Railroad & Co’s Traincontroller. 

The team at Model Railroad Techniques (MRT) can help you with selecting the right system for you and assist with set up and wiring with all facets of DCC and PC control.  We can assist with drafting a wiring scheme to suit the modeler and level of expertise.  We will also offer ongoing support to the modeler. 


We only suggest quality products such as:


  • Roco Z21 DCC Command Stations

  • Littfinski Daten Technik (LDT) or Digikeijs for Turnout control and Block occupancy.

  • Tams Valley Depot: Power District Boosters

  • DCC Concepts Circuit protect and reverse loop modules.

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